Use It Once and You Will Never Buy Any Other Glue!Guaranteed

Superbond, true 10s bond for almost all materials


Superbond has unique safety cap which will not be opened by kids, as well as anti-clog cap and portable design for carrying.


Superbond can apply to: wood, metal, leather, granite, marble, concrete, PVC, plastic, … and much more


Superbond is now available in all HOME DEPOT CANADA stores. For custom bulk order, please contact us directly.


The Fastest Instant Adhesive in World

Superbond is high-performance cyanoacrylate adhesive manufactured by Inoteca Inc. Superbond is capable to bond objects in as little as 3-10 seconds. This unique component has taken gluing to a whole NEW level.


The Main Features

Superbond, as differ from Instantbond product, is designed to bond most materials within 10 seconds, and have same holding strength, makes it ideal for home DIY and industrial usage

5,000 lbs incrediable holding strength
Able to bond different materials together
Fast bonding –bond everything within 10 seconds
Unique portable and safety design for carrying around
High quality, guaranteed replacement
High customer satisfaction for adhesive products
Our story

How To Meet Customer’s Desire

Inoteca Inc. is dedicated to innovation for tools and hardware. Inoteca starting project to develop a revolutionary adhesive product from 2007. In 2010, Instantbond was introduced and distributed via different channels including HomeDepot, and in 2018, we introduced Superbond for light using clients

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The instantbond glue is very strong. I have used it now for 3 different projects. I used it to glue a classic vehicle’s dash where the radio and AC controls mount. It held it very well and has not come lose.No more holding it together for mintues.

HomeDepot Client

s star rating

Great product. It seriously drys in few seconds. I’ve been using this glue on interior house trim. Especially those small little returns that always want to split when nailed. I recommend watching the YouTube video before using the product and practicing first.

HomeDepot Client

s star rating

This is the best superglue I’ve come across in my days. Not only is the quantity of the bottle align with the price, but the adhesion the product provides is superior to any other superglue on the market

You will be happy with your purchase.
HomeDepot Client

s star rating

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